I enjoy trying to understand how nature works, especially fundamental physics. Learning physics takes work, but a good perspective can make things easier. I made this website to start sharing some perspectives that have been helpful to me.

Yes, the website's title is presumptuous, but the more conservative title "Perspectives That Have Been Helpful To Me" seemed too verbose, so I compromised. ;)

The content is in pdf files that I call articles, which are listed below (scroll down). The list will grow over time, because I have a large backlog of unpolished notes that I am gradually converting to presentable articles.

If you've been here before, you might be interested in these:

If you notice an error in any of these articles, please send a note to clearphys@gmail.com to let me know. Thank you!

— Randy S

Classical Objects

Statistical Mechanics


Classical Fields

Operator Algebra

Quantum Physics: General Principles

Quantum Physics: Nonrelativistic Models

Quantum Physics: Systems of Qubits

Scalar Quantum Fields

Clifford Algebra and Spinors


Math: Differential Geometry


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